Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't DO quiet

If you know me, you know I'm loud...

I talk loud, laugh loud, listen to music loudly, and the list goes on and on. My mom always tells me I walk loudly... it's just who I am. I've accepted it and we all can move on now.

I was the kid that got in trouble for talking too loud, then for whispering when I wasn't supposed to, them humming when I finally would remember to stay quiet and then for exclaiming loudly when I should have kept the answer/comment/etc to myself. It's just who I am.

There are people that are quiet... they balance me out. So in this big, ole world, all is as it should be.

So I had a "minor" meltdown earlier this week when my computer itunes program started skipping everytime I touched my mouse or keyboard or anywhere else on my computer for that matter. Do you know how often during a normal workday you touch your computer? THINK about it. It's ALOT!!! All caps, three exclaimation points ALOT!!! And people, I don't do quiet. I can't stand silence... not even in nature - bring on the crickets, birds, wind blowing through the trees, etc. Quiet makes me nervous so just shutting down itunes and going on about my day was NOT an option. Not with all the work I had to do...

But taking the time to fix it wasn't something I wanted to tackle either - my whole technological world is breaking on me... computer, phone, printer, etc... they're all dying a slow and painfully annoying death. Nothing works as it should and I'm tired of coaxing them, promising sexual favors and such to get them to work. It's a daily battle and I was not prepared for battle with itunes on Monday morning. I was barely prepared to sit and stare at my screen while my brain decided if it was coming to work.

I need to consistent, soft stream of music coming from my computer to keep me focused... I know it sounds contradictary but I'm not actually listening to the music. But it keeps me from hearing the conversations around me and the random noises which occur here on a daily basis. It's another one of those weird things that make me, Me.

So I walked around our business for a while to simultaneously warm up (let's not discuss the temperature of my office) and cool down and I was muttering to myself*, "I don't DO quiet" over and over again. Several of my coworkers found this hysterical... and I answered several questions through out the day with the phrase. So I decided it should be my new motto.

I don't DO quiet.

Just in case you were wondering:)

On a side not, my Netflix was "The Duchess" and I loved it. Had no expectations of the movie, knew little to nothing about the story and I loved it. I'm interested enough to look up the Duchess of Devonshire and learn more of her story. Kiera Knightly did an excellent job.

And the costumes were amazing!!! A well deserved Oscar if I must say so myself.

*Another part of my quiet avoidance, if there isn't anyone to speak with or to hear me, I just talk to myself.

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Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Frustrating when everything seems to break down all at once. No techie here either ;-) I loved the Dutchess...the costumes were fabulous and even more so when they lost those huge wigs. Great period movie...