Wednesday, June 9, 2010


"The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up." - author unknown

I know, I make promises, I write them down here and then I still fail to follow through. It's not that I'm lying around eating bon-bons and watching daytime television. I'm launching a new part of our business and I'm putting in serious hours (example: yesterday, started at 7:45am and finished at 7:20pm with a 25 minute lunch). And my to do list gets longer and longer. With personal items (including this site) falling farther and farther down the list. I think some of my friends think I've died. I ignore texts and emails or respond at 2am... that's how well the sleep thing is going. So, while my laundry is getting done (at 4am) and my kitchen stays clean, the bags under my eyes are growing.

All excuses, I know. I'm full of them.

But also joy. Even with the pace I've been keeping, my spirits have been lifting. I'm giving myself a daily attitude adjustment and reminding myself that my attitude controls the way my day goes. And it's working. Along with red wine, deep breaths, time outs, and pedicures. But I'm getting there. And that's progress for me.

I returned late Sunday night from a weekend in old town Alexandria (VA) celebrating my favorite red head's upcoming nuptuals. A former roomie, sorority sister, and good friend from college, this redhead will be tying the knot next month in NY... I have a hotel reservation in the town of Fishkill, NY... no joke. She's getting married at a castle and there will be lawn games at this wedding reception. After the shenanigans this past weekend, I can't wait to see this crowd with croquet mallets and bocci balls! As I told the bride, I'm bringing my fancy camera to this wedding! I love the idea of it.

Speaking of cameras, I forgot mine as I was packing for this weekend. If I had known what delays awaited me at the airport, I would have turned around for it but I thought I was cutting it close so I kept going. Two flights cancelled and a third one delayed and delayed and delayed again. I was so late (and exhausted) getting to the hotel, I could barely formulate complete sentences while greeting everyone. But a good night's sleep and refreshing shower turned that around. So no incriminating pictures have been sent my way but let's just say, good times were had in Old Town. And much yumminess was eaten. I had the best crab cake of my life at Harry's Oyster Shack on King Street.

If you follow me on twitter (no? please do) then you read some of the highlights. We ended the night at a tavern with bluegrass music with no dancing signs posted which were quickly ignored. Made some Ozzie friends and drank to good friends, good times and new love. It was exactly what I needed. Maybe now, I'll be able to write about PARIS!

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