Monday, December 31, 2007

So Much to Say

Oh dear, so many things to talk about on my first “real” entry. I didn’t realize I had so much I wanted to share with the internet.

Here are my preparations for this evening… I stopped by my neighborhood grocery store to pick up these festive New Year’s Eve feathered headbands for my friend, Rana and I to wear this evening. The bottle of champagne is for our lovely hostess, Jessica who is fabulous and brave enough to host this gathering. She is a fellow champagne drinker so I hope that I bought a somewhat decent bottle for her enjoyment.

I anticipate a good but not a mind blowing time – I learned a long time ago not to expect much from NYE. It’s always a crazy night for me, I’ve had horrible break ups and nasty fights with friends on this high expectation evening. I really think the best one I had was 2000/2001 when I had a broken leg and was laid up on the couch at my parent’s house with a viable excuse and total control of the remote. Sad, but true.

On my walk home from the grocery store, I was behind a couple who were cutely carrying their groceries together. Meaning, they had one bag held between them, each holding one handle of the bag. A bag which did not appear to be heavy… a bag that so did not require two grown adults to maneuver down the street. I wish that I had my camera SOOOOOOOOO badly, it was just too much not to have a picture to share with the internet!

Lesson learned! Always have either my cell phone or camera with me at all times if I am going to share my daily entertainment with the internet. I’ll do better from now on, I promise.

A side note on how my life has change since I moved from Georgia to Chicago, I walk everywhere… the grocery store, the bagel shop, the movies, anywhere I want to go. I know for those who either grew up in the city or have lived here for a while, this isn’t such a crazy idea. But for me, it’s a HUGE CHANGE: Before, I drove to work exactly one mile down the street and home each day without thinking about it. Now, I walk home from my volunteer position all the time, and it’s more than a mile but there are sidewalks and other people walking so I don’t think it’s a big deal plus I enjoy it, being outside, breathing ‘fresh’ air and moving. My body enjoys it too. Now that’s it gotten colder, I may not enjoy it as much but it’s going to have to be really brutal for me not to consider it. Plus trying to get on the 156 bus at 5PM is a total joke.

A little vindication…. Today’s horoscope:

In case you aren’t able to see the picture or read it, here’s what it says: When are you going to start living by your own timetable instead of your mother’s, your best friend’s or your therapist’s? Stop fretting if you haven’t already popped out 2.5 kids or received your master’s degree yet. The sun says everything will happen in due time.

Not that I really need the sun to say everything will happen in due time but those of you close to me know this year has been challenging due to the changes in my life and my concern that I have accomplished what I need to do in order to get where I want to go. I’ve been aware for a while now that I have a different timeline than some one my friends and I’m ok with that. But it’s still nice to see it from a different source. Motivates me.

Tomorrow is January 1, 2008 – a whole new year. A new start. Much is made about beginnings, we’ve all heard the graduation speeches. And of course, I won’t fail to disappoint the internet with my own outlook on the New Year.
AND there will be GEORGIA BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!! 7:30 PM on FOX.

While I’m not jealous, if I happen to mention that BOTH of my sisters are in New Orleans have tickets to watch the ‘Dawgs play Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl multiple times, don’t assume it’s because I want to be there. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good football game and a good party all rolled into one. Which is exactly what the Sugar Bowl is… so they are both there. And I’m here. In Chicago, with no bowl game. No biggie. Not a problem. Not at all.

(And yes, I know that they both live there, so yes, it does make it easier for them to go but couldn't we have made it a family affair - we all go to see Santa together, why not the Bulldogs?)

And for people who want to know about the football side of it, let me remind you that this is BCS match up of two teams with the least amount of losses – Hawaii is undefeated and UGA had 2 regular season losses. The Red Eye called it the “Pay Attention Bowl”. I admit I haven’t watched a Hawaii game this season so I am excited to see if the quarterback is all that he’s hyped to be.

But mainly, I’m looking forward to the Hawaii team's Haka – a traditional warrior dance that preformed to an opponent before a match. It’s so cool to see. The Kiwi guys at camp used to perform it for us and it’s intense in person. When I was in New Zealand a couple of years ago, I got to see it before a Rugby Match and it’s so cool. Hopefully the NCAA will recognize the uniqueness of this ritual and FOX TV will be smart enough to show. Much better than the cheerleaders that we get to see every game (no offense meant to cheerleaders, I’m just saying…)
You can watch the All Black Rugby team preform it courtesy of youtube with that link. I couldn't find the Hawaii team pictures to upload here. But you'll get the idea.
Alrighty then, that's enough for now. Enjoy your New Year's Eve and be careful!

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