Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming out of the Dark*

I'm back. I'm living again and I'm feeling better about life. I've been laughing at myself for the past couple of days for being so hum-drum. But that's the way it goes sometimes. I can't help it. And I had a lot happening there for a while.

Plus my cat died, granted she was my adoptive cat but I miss her. She used to curl up in my lap while I watched t.v. at night and I miss having her there. I need to upload the pictures I have on my camera so you all can see how pretty she was.

But I've had a good week at work, I've got one major project 99% done (YES!!), and I've got a new one that I'm VERY excited about. Plus I had a discussion with my dad that made me feel much better about our future and our direction.

Life goes on and up and down but I'm looking forward instead of downwards right now. Which is good.

Thanks for being patient and now I'm back to tell you all about my crazy misadventures and observations of life.

*Name that song!!
Last reference was to "Remember the Titans" which rates a #1 on Lindsey's cry-o-meter. Meaning it makes me cry every time which means it touches me and makes me feel good.

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