Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I Enjoy Way More than I Should

I love my ability to be amused by the little things. To find delight in the everyday and ordinary. I'm like everyone else, I have to be reminded to stop and find them but when I do, I always have a giggle. Here's a list of things that have gotten me lately:

1. Halloween Oreo Cookies - Random, I know. But it's my favorite holiday and when these cookies show up, I know we're getting close. Plus there kind of a gross color combination and for those of us that still play with our food, it's fun.

2. New Shoes - I have every shoe I could ever need but I love updating my wardrobe. I recently wore a new pair of animal print shoes and I love them. They are different and fun without being obnoxious. I get a thrill out of a pair of new shoes.

3. Real World/Road Rules Challenges - "The Ruins" just started and I love it. I know I should be out of their demographic but the drama is unreal and extremely entertaining. Plus they are in cool places and do crazy challenges.

4. Finding Money - I went through my guest room closet and sorted the clothes. I found money in the pocket of a jacket. Such a small thrill and such a great thing. Found money means I get to treat myself.

5. My dog, Sandy - I've written about her before but it always warms my heart that she's waiting for me in the driveway at the end of the day. It's nice to have 'someone' to come to.

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