Saturday, December 12, 2009

The List

"You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare" - Georgia O'Keeffe

Everyone's got a list, their personal bucket list of things they must do before they die. Books have been writted, lists have been made, and even a tv show (MTV) is about crossing items off a life list. Mine's not really about before I die... it's more about where I have to go, what I have to see and experience before I come back to a 'settled' life again. This is just the beginning but I'm off to a good start.

Eventually I'll give it a page or link of it's own and I expect it to grow, ebb and flow as necessary along my journey. But here's my first declaration of places and things I want to see, visit, experience or take in...

The List: Things I Want to See, Taste, Do, Learn, Visit, Experience, or Take In

  1. Visit the world’s only pub inside a tree (South Africa)
  2. Giolitti – one of the oldest, family owned gelaterias in Rome (Italy)
  3. "Fly” through the rainforest (Costa Rica)
  4. Stay in an Ice Hotel (Norway)
  5. Stay on a working Dude Ranch (USA)
  6. Go on an African Safari (Kenya)
  7. Visit the Outback (Australia)
  8. Hike Cinque Terre (Italy)
  9. Go dog sledding (Sweden)
  10. See the Northern Lights (Sweden)
  11. Ice Skate in Rockefeller Center (USA)
  12. Walk the Great Wall (China)
  13. Eat Sushi (Japan)
  14. Deliver postcards from the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
  15. Ski the Swiss Alps (Switzerland)
  16. Christmas at the Biltmore (USA)
  17. Camp at the Darvaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)
  18. Visit the other Georgia (Georgia)
  19. Drink Wine in Bordeaux (France)
  20. Dive off the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  21. Watch the Changing of the Guards (England)
  22. See the Running of the Bulls (Spain)
  23. Sail the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain/Morocco)
  24. Ride a Camel (Egypt)
  25. Ride the Orient Express (Eastern Europe)
  26. Celebrate Oktoberfest (Germany)
  27. Celebrate Carnival (Brazil)
  28. See Elephants Paint (Thailand)
  29. Tour the Sewers (France)
  30. Learn Spanish (Spain)
  31. Walk Abbey Road (England)
  32. Hike Brooks Range (Alaska)
  33. Celebrate Easter at St. Peter's (Italy)
  34. Ride the Moscow to St. Petersburg wide gauge railroad
  35. See the Gigantic Carved Heads of Easter Island (Polynesia)
  36. Play Blackjack in Monte Carlo (Monaco)
  37. Float down the Amazon (South America)
  38. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin (Ireland)
  39. Trek through Karakoram (Western Europe/Eastern Asia)
  40. Snowmobile (Finland)
  41. Sit on the Lawn at Wimbledon (England)
  42. Walk the fabled Bund in Shanghai (China)
  43. Cooking Classes in Paris (France)
  44. Shop the market at Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
  45. Watch the sun set over Machu Picchu (Peru)
  46. Take Surfing Lessons (Australia)
  47. Take the Chunnel from London to Paris (England)
  48. Eat street food in Bangkok (Thailand)
  49. Ride the train down the Malaysian peninsula from Bangleole to Kuala Lumpur (Asia)
  50. Journey along the Sillk Road (China)
  51. See the Acropolis of Athens in the moonlight (Greece)
  52. Tour the ruins of the "rose-red city" (Jordan)
  53. Ride the Chihuahua-Pacifico Railroad (Mexico)
  54. Swim with the Dolphins (New Zealand)
  55. Spend Bastille Day in Paris (France)
  56. See Stonehenge (England)
  57. Attend a Venice Biennale Art Exhibit (Italy)
  58. Fish for wild trout (Scotland)
  59. Shop the yearly sale at Harrod's department sale (England)
  60. Sail into the harbor of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  61. Stand at the Wailing Wall (Jerusalem)
  62. Visit Peace City in Hiroshima (Japan)
  63. Visit the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia)
  64. See the Royal Jewels (England)
  65. Walk Milford Track (New Zealand)
  66. See the Sydney Opera House (Australia)
  67. Taste vintage Port (Portugal)
  68. See Angel Falls (Venezuala)
  69. Snorkel Bora Bora (Polynesia)
  70. Walk the Hall of Mirrors (France)
  71. Climb the Harbor Bridge (Australia)
  72. Tour the Kremlin (Russia)
  73. See the Viking ruins & runes (Greenland)
  74. Watch the sunset from Capitoline Hill (Italy)
  75. Visit the Valley of the Kings (Egypt)
  76. Ride through the Panama Cannal (Panama)
  77. See the remains of the Berlin Wall (Germany)
  78. See the Rosetta Stone (England)
  79. Stand among the Tulips (Holland)
  80. See the fountains of Villd'Este (Italy)
  81. Ride double-decker buses around London (England)
  82. Hike the Grand Canyon (USA)
  83. Visit Lake Baikal (Russia)
  84. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary (Seychelles - Africa)
  85. See the David (Italy)
  86. Tour Jane Austen's country (England)
  87. See the Flamingos at the Lake Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)
  88. Float the Sepik River (Papua New Guinea)
  89. See the Hieroglyphic Stairway in Copan (Honduras)
  90. Set foot on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Vietnam)
  91. Drive on the Autobahn (Germany)
  92. See the Danube (Czech Republic)
  93. See the Great Sphinx (Egypt)
  94. Visit the Blue Mosque (Turkey)
  95. See the Paelolithic art in the Caves of Altamira (Spain)
  96. Eat Limburger cheese in Limburg (Belgium)
  97. Stand on the grounds of the first Olympics (Greece)
  98. Tour the Baja (Mexico)
  99. Take a class at Oxford (England)
  100. Stand at the beaches of Normandy (France)

That seems like a good start... we'll go from there, revise... edit... clarify... delete and experience all the people along the way. Sounds fun, hmmm?

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allison peters said...

what a fantastic list! #3 is at the top of mine. and i'd love to see great whites "fly" off the coast of south africa. oh, and swim with manta rays...i could go on and on.