Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wet Noses, Warm Hearts*

I've been promising pictures of my new house and as soon as I take them, I'll put them up and out there for all of you to see. In anticipation of doing that, I was cleaning off my card from my camera and I found these. I had tried to make Sandy pose for me in the back yard of my parents' house. I got a couple of good ones.

I love this dog... She drives me nuts sometimes but all she wants is to love and be loved. She's a smart puppy (not that I would put up with anything else!) and she'll do the funniest things. My sister's cat also made the move with us and it's the first time they've lived together in the same space. It's a constant competition - who gets fed first, who gets to sit beside me (I have 2 sides people!), who I talk to more, who I brush first, etc. Now I see what moms with the second baby go through. Sandy is just a little possessive of me. Makes me feel loved and I know I'll never be alone as long as I have her.

And who wouldn't want a that pink nose, cold and wet, pushing into their hand everytime it can, all to get scratched behind her ears.

*I'm well aware this is a title of a book about dogs - I don't know who the author is and I'm too lazy feeling right now to look it up. Shame on me, I know.

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