Sunday, November 15, 2009

Being Human

As usual, the best parts of my blog are steals... I don't have any references with this so I'm not certain where it came from but I love it. I remind myself that I learn the most from my mistakes so enjoy and continue to make some mistakes...

"Have you made any big errors lately?

If so, congratulations! You're human!

And chances are you are not a wimp, afraid to make a wrong decision that just might not work out perfectly. You see, the people in our world that become famous in anything are not those who do things perfectly, but those who do things well after screwing up a bunch of times. The difference between the top performers and the average, however, is that the averages are often frozen by fear of not doing something perfectly. So they don't try it, don't make the big decision, don't ask for the sale, don't take that business risk, or don't reach out to that long lost friend.

Because the fear of "what if" and the paralysis that it brings can bring about a harmful stagnation in our lives. Life is about movement, either up and down, and if you aren't moving down from making errors or moving up from learning from them, than you aren't moving at all. And if you're not moving, the world is just passing you by.

So this week, think of that big decision that is scaring the heck out of you and go for it. It might not work out perfectly, but even that less than perfect decision will be better than no decision at all."

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