Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"The Glass Castle"

A memior by Jeannette Walls.

One of the best books that I have ever read.

And we're talking about in the top five of thousands and thousands of books.

My friend Marianne gave me The Glass Castle for my birthday this year and I put it in my stack of books to read. It came up to bat this past Sunday so I started it and I could NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! So good. I loved it. So well written and the author's voice was so authentic. (Of course, it was, it's a memior) What I mean is that she was really good at indicating her age through her voice and it changed/matured as she did. I loved it. Very motivating as to what a person is capable of with desire and determination. I've been going to bed earlier due to my boot camp regime so it's cut into my reading time but I made/let myself stay up last night to finish it. I was dying to know what happened. It was a great story. A tragic life but a great story.
Spoiler Alert!!!
My favorite part is the college age author, sitting in an Ivy League classroom, answering her professor's question about the homeless. The author answers with her observations of her own parent's choices, without revealing their relationship and the professor attacks her. Obviously for her uneducated and/or uncompassionate opinion. As the reader, I felt attacked on Jeannette's behalf. I wanted to defend her to the professor, point out that Jeannette knew more about poverty and homeless people than the professor ever would. I hope that professor, who she accurately names in the book, reads the book and feels ashamed for attacking Jeannette in class. It's an accurate telling of the lesson not to judge others or make assumptions about their backgrounds based on their current location.

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