Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Sex!!!

Go see Sex and the City!!! It's escapism at it's best! I loved it! I loved the clothes, the characters, the heartache, the tears, the laughter and I loved the shoes!!! All of it, so you simply must go see it!

It was so exciting to be sitting in a sold out theater in Athens, GA with groups of women of all ages, dressed to the nines to see a movie. Six shows were sold out and there are 2 other theaters in Athens... it's summer time, all the college girls have gone home. So in a town of 35,000 people, they managed to sell out over 18 showings of a female audience movie in the first day. That's huge.
It was a charged audience. They clapped, cheered, gasped and laughed in sync. There were many tears and lots of appalause.
I was afraid at how excited I was to see the movie, I was afraid I'd be dissappointed and I was afraid they wouldn't do the story justice... oh, how wrong I was. They took the story to the next level, preserved the integrity of the characters and made it seem as though life hadn't stopped for them either. I loved it and I hope they do another one.

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