Saturday, April 25, 2009

Editing Pictures

Like any newbie, I am spending WAY too much time taking pictures, editing pictures and playing with effects on flickr. This is one of my favorite results so far. (Sorry it's not any bigger, I'm dealing with the limitations of blogger, sigh.)

It's silk flowers streaming from the ceiling at the NYC Macy's Flower Show. I took it with my point and shot Sony Cyber-shot which has been my digital camera up until this last December (when I got my awesome SLR Nikon). I wasn't certain if I'd want to travel with my 'big' camera but once I was in NYC, I was pissed that I hadn't. But I still got some good shots. And after editing several of them, I'm really happy. I know the Nikon is 'better' but my little cyber-shot has given me some great pictures (including all the ones on this blog).

I need to show updates of my house and I will. I'm working on the kitchen right now and it's going to be a process so I'll show each stage.

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