Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I Read...

It's been a while since I mentioned those who inspire and entertain me so I thought I'd recognize them today. Here are some of my daily clicks:

littlepurplecowphotography a local photographer who I recently met. She's unbelievably talented and she just won a national "Dream Assignment" photography contest.

Master Your Card after over dosing on finacial blogs last year, this is the only I still read. It's real, it's direct and it's unapologetic. I love it. And it reminds me to keep my spending in check.

Puttin' On the G.R.I.T.S. a southern girl with style. She looks like the country singer/American Idol contestant, Kelli Pickler to me. She's got boy stories (drama) which is always entertaining. And although she hasn't ever specifically said what she does, I'm pretty sure it's the same thing I do.

The Typing Makes Me Sounds Busy I think I was the last person to jump on this bandwagon but I've been laughing ever since. J-Money is a funny girl. And a talented writer.

cat ranch v2.0 a childhood friend's blog. I've always loved her dry sense of humor and it translates well as she describes building her first house. Plus her pictures are amazing.

Daddy Scratches the token male of the day. His stories of keeping his family of 4 moving through life crack me. And he calls his wife "Wonder Woman" which shows how much he loves and respects her. Based in Boston, I'd love to hear him say "wicked".

Daily Practice another photographer's blog. A daily practice is a exercise in mindfulness which showcases a new picture every day - beautiful and captivating.

Shutter Sisters a female photog group blog... daily practice and LPC are both members and this blog often leads me from site to site with inspiration and delight. I enjoy their interviews and profiles of artists as well as their "assignments". It's an open and accepting community for female photographers.

Brazen Careerist a great careerwoman blog who keeps it real, and I mean very real (ie. blog post about working women and oral sex). I love her. We have the same personality type and she acknowledges some truths about her life that resonate with my experiences. I feel like I have a new "sister-friend" who completely relates. In a totally non stalker scary way.

Anyone else see a pattern? Yes... I'm definitely into my new camera and learning all I can about it and gaining an even greater appreciation for others' talent. If you want to see what I've been capturing, here's a link to my photostream on flickr:

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allison said...

thanks hon! i'm going to have to check some of these out. have you read the company bitch? an oldie but goodie.