Sunday, May 31, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday

"Within the South itself, no other form of cultural expression, not even music, is as distinctively characteristic of the region as the spreading of a feast of native food and drink before a gathering of kin and friends." - John Egerton

I found a new blog, On the Front Porch who does a photo every Sunday of a picture of small town {southern} life... and I can't wait to start participating. Here's my first offering:

It's my neighbor's front porch... it's a big, ole wrap around porch with an American flag flying proudly on a daily basis. There's a magnolia blossom in the top left corner and it's so familiar to me. It's a picture that could be one of so many different homes around my town.


Mrs. E said...

I LOVE porches! Add a flag and a few geraniums...I'm good to go! Have a great week!

Tatiana said...

I love porches, too. Especially with all the plants and flowers surrounding it. Very nice photo!

Wendy said...

Oooh, I want a veranda one day. But any old front porch is good. (You can tell I love front porches, tho. Hee!)

Thanks for joining us in STSS! I hope you'll do it again next week!