Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I suck, Tell me something I don't know

I'm sorry. So sorry...

I know that I said I'd be back to write about the cruise... but now, almost a month later I'm very unmotivated to do so. Let me get psyched up for that and I'll get back to you. I hate that this gap has gone by again. I'm like a baseball player who can only play with his one lucky glove or whatever. I can't use another person's computer to do what I need to do on a computer on a daily basis. I hate it but I just can't.

My computer is all set up for my personal enjoyment and comfort. (For someone who has never consider herself a creature of habit, I am strangely finding myself enjoying and creating daily routines for myself.) I have my desktop icons in a certain places to make life easier for myself. I have my favorite websites in a certain order so I can go down the list in order and not have to hunt for anything... it's all perfect. And I just don't enjoy having to do so on another computer. Plus my dad has his auto-fill working on his computer and I HATE auto-fill... it's one of those "time saving" ideas that actually creates more work. By trying to guess what word you are typing in and going ahead and doing it for you - I bet it has a 12% success rate because it seems to never be right for me. I should do a scientific study but I dislike it so working on my dad's computer is irritating to me.

And my computer wasn't working at the house or in my new office... we had new offices for my dad's business wired for DSL and all of them worked EXCEPT for the one assigned to me. It's moments like those when I feel the world is out to get me... Especially since my first project is to design a website. Can you imagine how frustrating that was? Massive sighs, compliants and long tirades did nothing to help the situation. One computer dude showing up and plugging the DSL line back into it's magical box did.

So, all is well now, my job is rolling along and my computer can now connect to the world wide web with the click of a button.

Hence, my long absence from the blogger world. When I first started this blog, it was like starting a new exercise routine... "I'm going to write every day, it'll be a great creative outlet for me", then it became if I write 3 days a week, that's good enough. Now I feel as though it's a good if I just put in an appearance. But I promised I'm going to make a comeback. That after all, was my New Year's resolution... make the daily changes that add up to the big changes. I'm working on it still but life is always a work in progress.

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