Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving on Down the Road

As I've already stated, moving sucks but it's made much easier by two strong men who show up to move your boxes and furniture for you... I've never seen a truck get loaded so fast. In less than an hour, I was ready to hit the road. So nice.

Unfortunately, the road has been not so nice. Between the potholes, big trucks, and the weather... the drive has been very stressful. It'll be ok and I hate to complain but I'm so tense as I drive my Penske truck. The truck itself is nice and a comfortable ride so I'd recommend their vehicles to anyone.

I have learned a lesson in all my moves across the U.S. - changing the scenery doesn't change your problems. I'm needing to address those and focus on being the person, a better person than I am - someone who I want to be.

So I found this on the internet and I think it's applicable to my situation. If nothing else, it made me giggle:

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