Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

I am having a Monday... I hate it waste in general and I really hate wasting my energy. So when I have a day when I spin my wheels and don't seem to accomplish anything or use my time wisely, well... it just pisses me off. Plus it leaves me knowing that I have so much more work to do the next day.

I like working, I don't mind working hard - I enjoy physical work as well. There is a certain satisfaction you get from working toward a goal when you achieve it. I enjoy that feeling.

I dislike busy work or repitition or tedious detail. However, a lot of our business deals with goverment contractors and private insurances... two of the world's worst paper-pushers. And, unfortunately, there are days in which I allow myself to get caught up in the cycle of paperwork instead of remaining focused on the bigger picture.

Even this post is being affected by my gloomy Monday mood... all I can think of is all the work I still don't have done... ugh. arg. yuck.

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