Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have had a busy week. One of those in which I start by leaving the house around 7 AM and don't get home to stay until around 9 PM at night. I know for most people who have a 'decent' commute, leaving before 7AM is normal but I live exactly ONE MILE from my business.

So... I kind of consider it a pain. And it's definitely different from my life in Chicago and even my life here in Monroe when the earliest I ever had to be at work was 8AM to open.

Again, with a ONE MILE commute.

And my job requires driving, ALOT of driving... I don't mind that aspect so much. Or at least not as much as I mind how much it's costing me to drive. But there are enough rants out there about gas prices.

So I'm a little tired. But sooooo energized. I am feeling great about my job here and I love what I'm doing. Also, a part of my job is to be involved in the community through activities which help educate the public about our business.

I love it.

I'm a joiner, I always have been, and I like having an impact and making things better for those that come behind me. My family was teasing me last night about how it never makes a difference. And while I kept my mouth shut (for once), I definitely was silently disagreeing, thinking it's people like you who don't make a difference and why things never change. Three college educated and hard working people who refuse to get involved because "nothing will ever change" is a sad statement to me. Hence, my quote of the day:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

While it is an over used quote, I love it and I think it says completely how I feel as I sat with my family last night around the table. History proves them wrong and I know I, along with other motivated individuals, can make a difference.

On a more personal note, the guy who I'd been seeing (?4 dates?) quit calling me. He went out of town last Thursday and I haven't spoken with him since. I'm assuming since he was the guy that called me 8 times (!!!) in one day that he's no longer interested.

Which is FINE. Honestly, it is... but is it too much to expect that a 38 year old man could...
1. Tell me that he's not interested
2. Return/Answer my call
3. Act like a decent human being
4. Develop a sense of decency

I get that he's just not that into me, to be honest, I wasn't that into him but I was willing to see where it would go and/or just have fun. But if, at any time, I had decided it wasn't for me. I would have had the BALLS to call it off with explaination.

Good thing, there are more fish in the sea!

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