Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Looking for drama

The past couple of days have been kind of blah... nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing bad but nothing good either. Just life. I hate it when it gets that routine. Obviously I'm going to start looking for some drama. I don't currently have any so maybe it's time to go looking.

Usually I don't have to go looking for drama, usually it finds me. And it's usually not a good thing. But sometimes, you need a little spice in life. Something to distract you from the daily grind of your routine.

Here was my day yesterday:
4:45 AM - Alarm
5:15 AM - Bootcamp
6:30 AM - Shower
8:30 AM - WORK
12:30 - Lunch
2:00 - Meeting... all afternoon
6:00 PM - Dinner
7:30 - TV (The Hills and Gossip Girl)
9:30 - BED: yes, I am pathetic... I didn't even make it until the season finale of The Hills (Come on, people, it's MTV! They'll repeat it for the next 8 months!)

But if that isn't a day of a boring person, I don't know what is... There was a lot of work accomplished but really no fun.

I do have a new gay boyfriend. He's a lot of fun. And he has enough drama for the both of us. Which is why I enjoy being his friend. There's nothing more annoying/boring than a friend who seems to have it all together. I have too many of those already. I don't need any more crazy friends either. Just someone who likes to have a good time, preferably single (married people don't like to get into trouble either), and wants to go dancing. Yes, that last requirement is a little different but it's my list, so kiss it.

We've got plans to go to Atlanta this weekend for some trouble. I definitely need some and he seems to find it without any help or encouragement. Plus, going dancing at gay clubs is the best! Every one is hot and sweaty but no creepy guy is grabbing my ass.

Speaking of creepy guys... I did have some of that today. I'm wearing a wrap dress and I was waiting on my lunch at a local resturant and a guy was also waiting for his food at the bar. He started talking to me and because of my job, I don't really have the option of being short with anyone in public, especially when I'm wearing my nametag. So I was chatting with him and he was like, "that's a nice dress" and smiled to reveal his gold grill across
his front teeth. Ugh. Not the kind of trouble I'm looking for. I prefer mine have straight teeth without jewelry...

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