Monday, September 8, 2008

My bad. My bad.

So I kind of took the week off last week, I didn't give much warning either. I sorry.

Between the holiday weekend, trying to move and going out of town for a work retreat, I wasn't at my desk very much. Which was really nice but I am paying for it today... such as it is. Trying to catch-up is never much fun.

But I am MOVED IN!!! So nice.

The only thing I have left to do is get my t.v. set up but I have to buy a new cable so that probably won't happen until this weekend. I'm such a girl. Although, my slackerness has caused me to miss the Republican Convention, the premier of 90210 (the remake) and the VMAs. I might need to bump it up on the priority list - especially if something major happens on "The Hills" tonight....

I love my house... although, it's got a lot more space than I need or thought. I'll grow into, I know. And there's always an adjustment period. It sure is nice to have my stuff again. My mom and I kept pulling things out of the attic and the basement. It was like, "oh yeah, that's mine". It was great!

I'll take pictures soon and post them.

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