Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Princess Luciana Pignatelli

Doesn't that just sound like a name of someone who leads a glamorous life?

It makes me think of yatchs, Monte Carlo, large sunglasses, perfect hair, and a sexy voice.

She was also the author of "The Beautifl People's Beauty Book" (note the irony of the title - if you're already beautiful, do you need a beauty book? Or does it mean this is how to get beautiful?). Inside is beauty advice by horoscope....

Aries must have frequent dental check-ups.
Taurus should marry a man of means.
Gemini, often the face is too long or the nose is too long or big.
Cancer tends to be lazy about beauty and should be encouraged to make the effort.
Leo, if ambitions are not fulfilled, can have difficult menopause.
Virgo remains surprisingly youthful despite hypochondriac tendency.
Libra rarely gets fat.
Sagittarius is torn between bright, amusing men who are good talkers and her desire for a solid social position.
Scorpio is hypersexual and often attracted to men who are her inferiors.
Capricorn is always well turned-out and insists on quality in clothes.
Aquarius is often slightly neurotic and with fragile health.
Pisces, feet are the weak point and pedicures essential.

*As usual, I stole this from another blog: A cup of Jo One day I promise to be original... until then I pass along what amuses and inspires me.

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