Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Politics as usual...

I am a frequent reader of Dooce.com - I've mentioned that on here before. I think the whole world reads her so that's not impressive in and of itself. Last week she commented on the Republican VP Nomination and her reaction to the ticket. And it got a lot of her readers talking. It's the first time that I've read through the comments section of her site. People were throwing out opinions, statistics, criticisms, and articles. I'm providing those links here becuase I've enjoyed reading them and learning more about the candidate from Alaska. Plus it's always nice to have your thoughts summed up by someone else in a clear and concise way!

Hilary Rosen's Commentary: Sarah Palin, right and wrong is intelligently written and points out the differences in the standards McCain/Palin hold for themselves versus what they believe in acceptable for others in this country.

Maureen Dowd's (my favorite!) article in the NY Times Opinion Section, Vice in Go-Go Boots compares the Republican Ticket to an unrealistic chick flick. It hits a couple of points home and also hits upon the point of the insulting expectation that women will vote for McCain/Palin just to have a woman in the White House.

I am, of course, not as left as any of those listed above. I don't want entitlement programs, the government anywhere near healthcare, and I believe that if we all were responsible and contributing members of society (including corporations) then we wouldn't need widespread government programs becuase we'd all be taking care of our own.

But I can't forget being verbally attacked by a British Man while in New Zealand a couple of years ago after George W. won his second term... I'd very much like to travel abroad as an American and not be thought of as stupid, selfish, close minded and uncaring. We've got a long way to go in our foreign relations and I know McCain isn't the person for the job.

I am really enjoying the conversations and attention paid to this election - yes, it's historic for many reasons as whichever ticket wins will bring a first to the White House. And it's exciting to hear of people who haven't ever registered and/or voted say they are going to participate in our electorial process for the first time. The average age of the voting population will,hopefully, decrease. The amount of peopling voting will hopefully increase, making this election truly more representative of the country overall. It's a lot to take in and think about as the election nears and I know this won't be the last post but I promise not to let it take over my world either.

Anyways, all the above was thought provoking for me and I enjoy passing along intelligent and well-written opinions, so read, enjoy, argue, think and most importantly, VOTE!!!

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