Monday, July 21, 2008

The Library

I have rediscovered the library... Inspired by my desire to spend less money on non-necessity items and to continue to read at my current rate, I got a library card about 2 months ago. I used to love going to the library, from the moment I began to read and all the way through school. I'd spend hours picking out my selections, sitting amongst the stacks, even the smell of the rooms... I love it all! It was slowly replaced by bookstores but my budget is making all kinds of changes in my life. Hence, our reunion.

It's been great. Sad, I know but I love to read. I can curl up in my big red chair and spend the afternoon immersed in someone's creation. The topics and timeperiods vary but the joy never stops. I love the escapism that books allow. I love how they can provoke emotion and inspire me in a way nothing else does. Movies and music also help keep me motivated but not in the same way.

Currently, I've been churning through The Fair Tax Book by Neal Boortz & John Linder. It's been a little slow going because I've been burning the candle at both ends but it's enlightened me to realize I know very little of American policy after World War I... even with all the history classes I took to boost my GPA. Most American history classes really emphasis the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, hopefully you make it to the WWI but after that... forget it.

So in my weekly visit to the Monroe Public Library, I picked up 3 books about Lyndon B. Johnson and his presidency. Historical Biographies, if you will(Yawn, I know). But The Fair Tax book references his "Great America" speech which I nothing little to nothing about, plus I have to start somewhere and I've read a great deal about Kennedy.

I just came in from my car and the books are riding around with me today until I make it home this evening and I'm excited about finishing the tax book and starting my self-given history book. I'm sure I don't have the 'best' books on LBJ out there, so of course, feel free to suggest others I might like.

To get back to my original thought, I've missed the library and I now have a new (old) free joy!

Now, if I can only remember to return the books on time...

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