Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things that Annoy Me Waaaaaaaaaay More than they Should*

People who back into parking spots. What is the point of this?

Slow cars/people who block the road/sidewalk - I got places to be people! Mooooooove.

Talking on a cell phone, LOUDLY, in public.

Shoes that look Fabulous and feel Awful. I experience this one through my own choices more than I would like to admit.

People who invade my personal space bubble while standing in line. Breathing down the back of my neck is NOT going to make the line move faster.

Continuous beeping noises: alarms, timers, etc. These can boil me over faster than I'd like to admit.

The fact that department stores try to sell fall/winter clothing starting in July - we live in GEORGIA!! We won't be able to even think about sweaters and jackets until Thanksgiving at the earliest. Most likely not until after Christmas.

The fact that my older sister never includes me in her count of people who should receive invitations, announcements, etc. I am an adult, I get my own mail, I deserve to be counted. She always wants to keep mine for the scrapbook. Order an extra one next time.

Customer service people who fail to offer service.

Having to wear sunglasses in the rain because the sun is also shining... it's perfectly reasonable but I just feel stupid. Like I'm a poser who's too cool for school with my shades on inside.

And on that note, people who wear their sunglasses inside and their collars turned up.

*Disclaimer: I'm not in a bad mood today, nor am I a hateful person, just venting a little? Or maybe recognizing that I need to have a little more patience.

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