Monday, July 28, 2008

Save the Drama..

For your mama!

Glad I didn't bother to change my relationship status on my facebook page because I'd now have a broken heart. In less than five days, my DLS managed to tell me his plan for our future, give me a key to his apartment, and then tell me he didn't have the time it takes to devote to a relationship.

Contradict yourself much?

I'd say so...

OH! And he did it over the phone. Because in case you didn't know, "how do you say this to someone face to face?"


I mean, seriously. Actually, out of all the above, I understand the phone thing the most. He's been traveling (alot) for work and we don't live that close to one another. I guess he was thinking about the price of gas.

But the rest of it makes no sense... especially the key part. Totally his idea and he doesn't want it back... "Just throw it out"

I've been dealing with this news for 48 hours. I'm not totally rocked but I definitely am not enjoying the experience. It hurts when someone decides you aren't worth their time. Endings just aren't fun. What is funny is that the whole time we were talking, I kept hearing Miranda from SATC telling those girsl on the steps: "he's just not that into you".

Oh, and the other good part, he doesn't want to see me but he does want to keep talking t0 me. WHAT!?!?

I'm batting zero folks, maybe 2008 just isn't my year. Next season?

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