Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Fireworks...

I missed fireworks this past weekend... they were all around us. But I didn't get to see any.

I talked about going to see them, multiple times, had multiple options, locations and yet we never made it to any of them. We finished dinner and stood in the parking lot of the restaurant watching them from afar.

It was quite the let down... Kind of seemed like the holiday didn't happen because I didn't get to see fireworks like I remember. The ones that happened when I was a kid when my dad would put us on top of the old station wagon and tell us not to move. The sky would open with a crack and boom, lighting up with magnifigant displays of color. I was never afraid of the noise and I was always delighted with the shows.

I worked on an island in the middle of a lake, teaching kids to waterski for a couple of summers while I was in college. They would do the 4th of July firework show from that island. We would gather all the kids up on the rocks to the side of the island, gather together, and watch the lights shoot up over our heads. I have a lot of memories from those summers... nothing bets having front row seats for the fireworks.

I missed them. I won't let that happen again. I believe in celebrating the holiday and having a good time. Watermelon, swimming, three-leg races all around... but it's not the same without fireworks.

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