Friday, August 1, 2008

Stuff I Read

I spend a lot of time on the computer. I work a lot and I have to give myself mini-breaks to stay sane. So here are links to sites I enjoy. Tell 'em I sent you!

Dooce - the mother of all blogs, the original blogger fired from her job who has turned her personal thoughts into an income producing website, a book deal, national TV appearances and speaking opportunities. She's a very talented writer and photographer.

This Fish... - another one of the first bloggers to be paid for their ramblings. I can easily relate to her singleness and wonderings about life. Generally, her posts have me laughing out loud.

Jen Lancaster - Her sarcasm and running commentary about life in CHICAGO! will have you in stitches. She's the little devil sitting on your shoulder, saying everything you want to say. Her books are great too.

BankerGirl - A financial blogger, she's telling the story of her debt reduction, planning a debt free wedding and other observations of blending a household. I enjoy her insightful observations about managing it all as a young adult.

Sweet Juniper - an "anonymous" husband/wife blogger team living in Detriot who named their blog after their first child. Great Photography and a great outlook on life.

Single Ma - a single mom of a teenager, living in DC and telling a great story. It is a personal finance blog with an inspiring story. My life couldn't be more different from hers but I feel I've learned the most from her. She's kicking ass, taking names and giving no apologies for it. I love it.

Pages Stuck Together - one of my sorority sisters from Vanderbilt, married and living in NYC. She's just completed Law School and just blogs about life. She usually puts up a recipe of the week as well which I love. She's a funny lady and a talented writer as well. I get the feeling that her blog is very theraputic for her.

The Pink Chick - another person I actually know. I worked with her at a summer job eons ago. She's a funny lady with the most positive outlook on life. Her posts usually make me smile and feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

1902 Victorian - the most recent addition to my favorites menu. I'm interested in restoring an old home. They're going through the process and sharing their story as they go along. I find her to be refreshing. Plus the house looks so cool.

So that's it, folks. The websites I frequently visit. There's other ones I might click or look up if I'm bored but these are the favorites. Any other ones I should check out?

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BankerGirl said...

Thanks for the link - I appreciate it!

This is a great list of blogs - there are a few I haven't heard of, so thanks for the resource.