Thursday, August 7, 2008

Babies, Baptisms, and Birthdays

We got back last night after a whirl-wind trip to southern Mississippi to see my sister and nephew baptised. It was a small, intimate ceremony with just our family, my grandparents and Will's mom in the chapel at their new church. But it was a fun excuse to see Leah, Will and William. Plus they had moved into their new house last Friday so we were able to check that out as well. Here are some pictures of the family and festivities.

These last two are him somewhat walking... he can do it, he's just at that stage where he's figured out that he's faster on his knees, crawling. So he always has this moment of hesitation, where he's deciding which to do... it's kind of funny, especially when he drops down and takes off. The look of satisfaction on his face is priceless.

It was also Joel's birthday... He turned 26 so we had cake (yes!) and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He and Lauren have known each other for 6 years so he's an unofficial member of our family.

And yes, I do have the cutest nephew ever... Don't believe me? Check out this last picture - Lauren and Joel are tag teaming him, trying to button his britches... He's laughing and wiggling, it was funny to watch. So I grabbed my camera to get a picture of them and he sees me and starts hamming it up. Laughing and posing for the camera. He's a mess.

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