Saturday, August 2, 2008

Confession Time

I have a secret... that's not really a secret. I'd tell anyone. In fact, I've kind of hinted at this before. I'm not ashamed and I will NOT apologize.

Because I LOVE Rod Stewart!!!

Love, love, love him, his music, his style and all the cheese.
I'm listening to "Tonight's the Night" as I write this post and I know EVERY SINGLE WORD.

Yes, I have awesomely bad taste in music. I like pop and catchy tunes with little substance. I'd rather be-bop along to something light and fun than listen to something deep and depressing. Music is meant to bring feeling and inspire us - most the time I need to lighten up and get a happier spring in my step. So I love cheesy music. Not cheesy love songs.

But Rod takes the cake... any man that will pose in a pink suit is someone I can love. And I do. There isn't a song of his that I don't know. All of them are in my playlist, I have no shame about singing along - LOUDLY.

We all have our secret things that we do alone, when we know no one is watching, when we know we can be ourselves with no shame. I dance and sing to Rod Stewart. And I do it with pride.

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