Monday, August 11, 2008


I have had a perpetual sinus infection ALL summer long... it gets a little better and then it gets a little worse. I'm constantly sniffing and blowing my nose - real attractive, let me tell you...

I really think my living quarters have something to do with it. I live in the basement, given it's a nice basement, but it still has some basement like qualities.

Like water dripping from the sink above on random occasions - one time, it dripped on a red sweater and whatever was in the water ruined my sweater. Something to be concerned about? I think so.

It has a dropped ceiling with some tiles missing - not enough to concern me. In fact, I totally bypass being concerned about the missing tiles and focus on the brown stuffing like material which floats down from the ceiling on a routine basis.

It's creepy crawly situation - my parents are clean yet messy people. The bug man sprays on a rountine basis (I should know, I usually am the one who has to let him in). Norma (LOVE NORMA!) comes on a weekly basis to keep us shiny and happy people. Yet the creepy crawlies of the earth still manage to appear in my living area. Granted, it's usually their corpses I see most often (obviously, the bug juice works).

Lack of sunlight - I call my bedroom the batcave because it has no windows or doors. Great for afternoon naps, it's cold and dark. But not so great in terms of fresh air.

You win some, you lose some.

Again, it is a nice (and FREE) basement but I am counting down the days (15!!!) until I MOVE back into the sunlight and into my own space...

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