Sunday, August 17, 2008

Freedom Fund

Most people refer to this as a "F&#! You" Fund and I agree that having a certain amount of money in the bank gives you the arrogant confidence that is needed to give the working world the finger.

I am steadily rebuilding my Freedom Fund after using it to do just that. I was in a position which wasn't giving me anyting: confidence, money or career progression. I was angry and unhappy. I was wound up tight and I was on the verge of breaking. Little things pissed me off and I reacted violently to everything.

It was awful.

People who had known me for a long time were shocked and people who were just meeting me didn't want to be anywhere near me. I didn't like myself either.

So I quit. Gave a month's notice, signed a lease in another city and took off. It was scary. It was GREAT!!! And I had $$$ to take some time and redirect my life.

It took me about three months to calm down, to not go from normal to SEEING RED in 60 seconds. But I finally did. And I made some other healthy choices in my life. I started running and working out religiously. I started to write again and I decided to explore my options as far as where my career could go. I took almost a year and spent time doing things I wanted to - I didn't appreciate the time as much as I should have. But I am a happier person because I did.

Now, I'm back to work. And I'm rebuilding my Freedom Fund. Current Balance? $50.05.

Will that get me very far? Not so much but since I'm not certain where I want to go, that's okay right now. I'll keep working, thinking about my options, and putting money away AND (this is the important part) when I do have a plan, I'll have the means.

Personally, I use ING and their fabulous savings system. I like the ease of their system and there counter at the bottom of the screen - I haven't earned all that interest myself (wouldn't that be nice?) but it motivates me to continue to transfer money over.

My Freedom Fund is seperate from my other savings - I also have a long term savings account, a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA - all with ING. That way I can see my savings progress with just one log in. I have a savings account that's with my brick&mortar bank connected to my checking account.

A Freedom Fund is a great way to save money for whatever. I've heard them referred to as an Opportunity Fund - I thought about renaming mine. But stuck with Freedom Fund. Something about the word FREEDOM motivates me. Reminds me that I'm only restrained by the restrictions and limitations I give myself. An opportunity fund was described to me as a way to save money for the next great opportunity that comes along. For that moment when you say to yourself, "if I only had the money, I'd ..." With an opportunity fund, you have it.

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