Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have a burned tongue and I'm ready to chop it off.

I'm really annoyed that I have it in the first place and I'm beginning to understand the McDonald's coffee lady's lawsuit for the first time.

Let me explain...

I had a big gap of time yesterday between appointments and I had brought along my laptop to get some work done since I was in a neighboring town. I pulled into Panera to enjoy their wireless and I order a chai latte. I walked away from the bar while they were fixing my drink to find a table near a plug and to my liking. I walked all over the Panera and around to the back side twice before finding a table that I liked near a plug.

Then I went back to the counter. The girl says, "Here's your latte. It's been ready but I didn't know your name." I'm assuming she thought I'd be angry but I knew they had to fix it and it'd still be too hot for me to drink (I'm not a big fan of warm drinks) so I wasn't worried about the time lapse. I thanked her and went back to my seat.

Once there, I took the top off the cup to let it cool and proceeded to boot up my computer. I opened my email and began to work. I want to say it was longer but for fairness, I'll say 5 minutes had gone by before picking up the cup. It was still really warm so I blew on it a couple of times and put it back down. Probably a minute later, I pick it up and take a small sip.


It was SO HOT. It scalded my throat as I swallowed. My tongue feels like sandpaper where it first landed and I have a sore throat - considering the time of year that's not great proof but I had no 'symptons' until my sip of chai and I don't have the normal cold with a sore throat. I almost went to the counter to complain but I couldn't determine what that would do to solve the problem. So I suffered in silence. I threw my latte away - somehow I had lost my taste for them - finished my work and left. I haven't enjoyed a meal or a drink since. I know it'll be healed soon but IT HURTS!!!

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