Saturday, June 6, 2009


Instead of blogging about life, I've been out living it. It's been nonstop here for a couple of days with concerts, work, friends, home remodeling, and birthdays. But a fun couple of days.

The other night I went to see the New Kids on the Block in concert, about 20 years too late. I was a fan around ages 9 or 10... I don't really remember because I've never been the obsessive type. But I was excited to go to the concert... I love live music. And the energy of shows.
It was raining with a chance of thunderstorms which isn't that big of deal except that we had LAWN seats at Lakewood. But we solidered on and were rewarded by the gods of ticketmaster: they upgraded us to covered seats when we walked in the arena.
Our seats were great and we were dry. Even a walk to the restrooms meant a walk through the rain so I made it through the entire concert without a bathroom break (that takes dedication). When they came out into the crowd and stood on the platforms, they ran right past us (we were 3 rows back from the divider fence) and John was right in front of us. That was the best part. Well, and the end of the show which featured the song "Hanging Tough" that somehow segued into "We Will Rock You" featuring all the teams of Boston. Some hometown pride was classic.
One thing I found funny was the back up dancers had more costume changes than the actual band... kind of unnecessary but I guess someone thought it was needed.
Crowds at concerts, especially boy band crowds are GREAT for people watching... when they were playing their new songs (which I didn't know), I was watching the people. My favorites were the girls who thought they needed to wear the clothes they were wearing the first time they saw the New Kids in concert (circa 1994). Neon pink and green hairbows with side ponytails were the winners.
And a major bad on my part... I didn't take my camera. I'm a little self-concious about my "big" camera and taking it places - mainly because I don't want to draw attention to myself. Which is fine but then I need to remember to charge my little camera and take it with me. It takes good pictures (as seen on this blog) and then I have pictures to play with.
But as for future plans, I just bought tickets for Sugarland this fall... I love them and I'm so excited to see them in concert (again).


Rich said...

sometimes it's better to live life than blog about it anyway.

It Is What It Is said...

This is so true... I have to remind myself of that sometimes, try and keep that happy balance.