Tuesday, June 9, 2009


There are many reasons I bought my home... location, age, style, and hardwood floors. But the very first thing I feel in love with was the dramatic and stylish doorknocker original to the house. I was afraid to ask if it would stay and become mine because I didn't want the previous owner to know how much I coveted the knocker.

And here he is... I've promised pictures and now I am delivering:

I think he needs a name... Lionel immediately comes to mind but that's a little too obvious. Too expected. So I need to think on this for a while, try some out. It would be great to say hello every night when I walk in, like a butler. Maybe James? Or Oscar?

Oooooooooooh. I like Oscar... that might work. I'll test it out and see if it works. But I'm still open to suggestions so feel free to leave a name in the comments.

Other parts of my weekend include:

Following this guys around my yard, trying to figure out the best settings to get the best pictures... this one isn't too bad considering my attention span. I was looking for things to take pictures of, to practice and see how the settings changed the outcome but it was so hot and I was very unmotivated this weekend... I went out a lot (Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights - it's a lot for me) and I lazed around during the days. Therefor, not much progress on the house but I made some design and material decisions so that's actually progress in my book.

And then a wonderful dinner party at a friends' home. Perfect weather, great wine & food, and fabulous company... it was a great way to wind down the weekend. The menu included vidalia onion pie which is my favorite - if you aren't from the south or haven't visited the south and tried this deliciousness, I beg you to treat yourself some day. I'll see if I can dig up the recipe and give you some step by steps on creating the magic in your mouth. This is one of the tables after the party... the votive candles were shaped and painted like bulbs, so perfect for the hostess. I loved every moment and was honored to be included.

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