Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'No Chance'

While I'm excited for the win, about halfway through the Sugar Bowl last night, I felt bad for Hawaii. What a sad way to end what was a great season. I had such respect for the energy they mantained for the entire game - the celebration for their lone touchdown was great. And the emotion displayed by Colt Brennan when June Jones made him stay on the sidelines after getting sacked one too many times. The senior quarterback will play in the pros and his coach was making sure he didn't get hurt in a game that was already lost.
I am not impressed with the comments of the UGA players - we're not number one, we didn't have a perfect season and we didn't make it to our conference championship. If they feel that strongly about it they need to make sure next season happens differently. I'm glad we played well and hopefully we'll be positioned for a good ranking for next season.

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