Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's Wrong with Britney?

More appropriately the title should be "What's Wrong with Newsweek?" Top pick story of the day! Come on people, Britney Spears thinking that the law doesn't apply to her is so 2007. Get over it. Let's all move on to the fact that Lindsay Lohan took a drink of champagne... far more important.
I'm not trying to sound condescending or elitist... obviously I know what happens in the lives of the pop-tarts as well. But I am tired of hearing about them. This stuff isn't even fun anymore, it's just sad. I lost all respect for Barbara Walters when she had Paris Hilton as one of the most fascinating people of 2006. They've all been in jail and rehab - if they were SuzyQ living next door, we would all stop talking to them. Yet they seem to only gain momentum from the news... I guess the saying, "there's no such thing as bad publicity" is true.

Today has been a great day for taking naps, the weather is dreary and even though it's much warmer, it was not an inspiring, sunny, go play outside afternoon. But a great day to curl up with a book and read the day away. And those of you who've spent more than an hour with me outside of a work environment know what I did today. I did move location several times and I did leave my apartment and go for a run this morning but otherwise I have been enthralled in my new book, "breaking her fall" by Stephen Goodwin. Such a great and touching story about a father and daughter. Highly recommend it.

I finally broke down and purchased Eddie Vedder's soundtrack for "Into the Wild" on iTunes a minute ago... I loved the movie more because of the music. More than one friend put it on their lists of top albums for 2007 and I just had to have it. I enjoy every moment of the album and want more when it's done. I'm not known for my "great" taste in music, just check out my collection of Britney and NKOTB. However, I do recognize talent and know the difference between being entertained and a talented singer/songwriter/storyteller. This is some of the best music ever, hands down, final answer.
The movie is such a touching story and sad ending. As I told my friend Brian, I'd watch the movie again just to hear the music and all I want to do now is go to Alaska. It was already in the top five places I want to visit and seeing the scenery in the movie only made me more anxious.

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