Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I finally found my battery charger for my digital camera! And not a moment too soon, as we all know, I'm going on vacation this Saturday and I need to be able to take pictures on our cruise. Plus I love taking pictures of everything going on in every day life.

I had been looking for days, checking all my normal storage spots. I mean, I live in an apartment and I don't take things out of my bedroom so I didn't think I could have put it anywhere other than in my room. But it wasn't anywhere! It's like when you misplace your keys, you feel as though you are losing your mind because you know you have them...

I had been putting stuff away and I guess I stuffed it into a purse with some other random items which I then put into my closet. So I was pulling everything out. I had already gone through my desk, the dresser, the nightstands, this random box with computer stuff in it, under the bed, my bathroom cabinets, and I was starting on the closet. Fortunately for me, the purse was on the top of the pile so I hadn't pulled too many things out yet. It's funny, but for me, cleaning usually means tearing everything out and putting it back together. Sometimes I don't make it to the putting back together. My closet is hard because I have very limited space in Chicago. I've always heard about big city living and small closet space - thought people were exagerating. But now I'm living it and I totally get it. It's a little challenging.

Alright, now I'm off to the movies. Yes, I live a life of leisure and I believe it will be ending soon so I'm taking the afternoon to go to the movies. So many good ones are out right now and this afternoon I'm going to indulge in a chick-flick "Definitely, Maybe". It had Ryan Reynolds who I adore, of all the men in Hollywood, he's one that I could develop a serious crush on. I've liked him since his TV show about the pizza place, "Two guys and a something" I've forgotten but I find him VERY attractive. Even if he did date Alanis Morisette... we can forgive that one. Everybody makes mistakes. Anyways, I'll let you know what I think!

PS. 4 Days until I set sail to the Carribbean!!!

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