Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Many Men...

I know I went into "Definitely, Maybe" with a crush on Ryan Reynolds... which is still firmly intact and was definitely enhanced by his performance. I really enjoyed the movie. Yes, it is a chick-flick but the guy in front of me seemed to really enjoy it. Maybe he just really related to all the stupid things the lead character did... who knows.

It was, however, Kevin Kline who was the sleeper star in this movie. I very much enjoyed his supporting role as I always do whenever his eclectic talent is brought into play on the big screen. His best movie for me will probably always be, "Life as a House" which was just touching. And of course, he's in my family's favorite movie, "The Big Chill". In "Definitely, Maybe", he plays the lover/professor, Hampton Roth of one of the female roles in the movie and he's fabulous. I adore him - he has such a presence on the screen.
So go see it, you'll love it. (Well, at least the girls will.)

Ok, it's gotten to me. I have had enough of the brutal cold weather. I would love to be able to go outside without my mental checklist of outerwear... gloves, hat, scarf, and jacket. I never really wore coats before... it really wasn't necessary in Georgia but also just out of laziness, I'd run out of the house without worrying about it. Or at the most, grab my fleece. Here that is not an option, this morning it was 7 degrees at 9AM. A little chilly. And dangerous to expose your skin for a length of time.
So it's a good thing for me to be leaving in THREE DAYS to go on a cruise to the US Virgin Islands. It's the perfect time to be taking a break. I'm excited for it. Although my sister and mom have already started packing, they both have husbands to pack for as well as themselves. (Yes, it is 2008 and my sister will be packing for her husband... I know many will think this is 1950s housewife crap but I think it's more of a control thing. Leah wants to know exactly what Will has in his suitcase and she wants to make sure he has what she wants him to wear.) My older sister also has a baby to plan for and my mom has to worry about her parents. I only have myself so therefore, I will be packing on Friday afternoon. Any time before that will be too soon. But I am SOOOOOOO excited to go!!!

Alright, that's enough for now. It's time to go ice my cupcakes. Yes, I'm about to go spend a week in a bathing suit and I've made cupcakes. Life is good. Mmmmmmm

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