Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to the Mid-West!

I went out to the suburbs yesterday afternoon for a job interview (it went well, keep your fingers crossed) and it was just in time for the storm of the year to hit. I haven't driven in snow in a long time and I was glad I had remembered to get an all wheel drive car at the rental place. I was at the interview for around 2 hours and it snowed about 4 inches... the footprints I had made walking into the interview from my car were no where to be seen. As I was leaving, my interviewer said sarcasticly, "Welcome to the Mid-West!"
And the snow wasn't slowing down, these were the BIGGEST snowflakes I have ever seen. HUGE! But beautitul and as I inched along the highway, I enjoyed the beauty of the snow. The drive did take a while, door to door was 2 and half hours. But no one was rude and I felt safe on the highway. So it was easy going. At one point, I called my parents and they freaked telling me to get off the phone and concentrate on driving. I laughed because I was moving around 5 MPH so even if I slipped into a ditch, I would be okay.
The lake looks amazing... the sky has finally cleared up and I can see the lake and it's frozen over which is cool and it's white because of the snow. It's totally different and I love it. It's gorgeous. I love looking out onto the lake, I'm going to miss the views from my apartment, it's a great place to live.
I am glad that the snow has stopped for a while so I can run out to the grocery store (since I have a car!) and stock up. I'll be back!

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